Top Golf Courses in France

One of the most beautiful countries of Europe is France. The country is blessed with some of the famous tourist destinations of the world and these tourist destinations are being toured by both the tourist and the local residents alike. France is also a very developed country and is among those countries which have a very stable economy and high literacy rate. Another thing about France which many people do not know about is its Golf Clubs. The country is home to some of the best Golf Clubs which have been developed to provide recreational facilities to the citizens and tourist alike.

Famous Golf Clubs of France:

There are various Golf Clubs established at various locations of France. The list of some of the best Golf Clubs is as follows



  • Saint Germain:It is a very well-known Golf Club and has hosted the famous French Open many times in the past. The Golf Course is well facilitated and has been designed beautifully giving players a feel of the natural environment.
  • Medoc:The Medoc Golf Course has been designed with utmost planning and no stone has been left unturned as far as excellence of the playing field and other facilities are concerned. The Course is located in Bordeaux.
  • Nation:This beautiful and well facilitated Golf Club is located at the west of Paris and the exact distance is 20 mileals. Historically the Golf Course was once the home of the famous French emperor by the name of Louis. The Club is well facilitated and has been designed exceptionally well.
  • Le Touquet:Le Touquet is basically a sea course which has been designed excellently. The basic amenities are very much there and the hallmark of the Club isits rough grasses and coastal dunes.
  • Kempferhof:This highly popular Golf Course was designed by the famous Robert Von Hagge. The playing field of the Club is considered one of the toughest in the world and even true professionals find difficulty in scoring here. The Club was launched in the year 1989.


  • Belle Dune:The course has been constructed on one of the best dune land of Europe. The course is very near to sea which further makes playing Golf here a memorable experience.
  • Hardelot:The Golf Course is very near to the famous Edwardian Seaside resort. The Course itself is primarily located in the North of France. The course has been constructed right at the center of a pine forest.
  • Chiberta: The main point of fame for this Golf Club is that it has been constructed or designed by the famous architect Tom Simpson. The club is located along the Atlantic Coast Line.

If you are planning your next vacation in France then do take some time out for visiting these Golf Courses as well and if you get a chance to play Golf in any of these courses then do avail this opportunity as these are not ordinary Golf Clubs rather they are considered the best in France.

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