The Most Beautiful Golf Courses in Europe

The European region can never be negated whenever the topic of Beautiful Golf Courses will be discussed. Golf is a game which is very much followed in Europe and there are many people who actually take permanent memberships in different Golf Courses just for the purpose of playing Golf and to relax themselves up. The overall nature of Golf and the lush surroundings within which it is played is very much refreshing to the mind and body. The European region is home to some of the most beautiful Golf Clubs designed with utmost care and professionalism. In this article we will go through some of these beautiful Golf Clubs.

Beautiful Golf Clubs: Europe


Though all the Golf Clubs of Europe have been designed beautifully however there are some who stand out as exceptional. These exceptional Golf Courses are as follows

  • TurnBerry: This beautiful Golf Club is located in Scotland. The Golf Club provides you the opportunity to play some challenging Golf in an environment which is both refreshing and magnificent.
  • Bay Course Costa Navarino:Located in Greece, the Bay Course has been constructed right near the sea which allows the visitors to enjoy Golf as well as to release their stress through scenic view of Navarino Bay.
  • GolfClubMurhof:The GolfClubMurhof is one of the oldest clubs currently existing in Austria. The club is well known for its Greenery, bushes and old trees. The playing facilities are wonderful here.
  • Stoke Park:Located in England this old Golf Club is there for more than hundred years now. The Golf Club is being visited by people from all over the world. The surroundings of the club are marked with greenery and facilities are exceptional.
  • National Golf Resort:The national Golf Resort is located in the famous European Country by the name of Luthania. The course offers diverse game in a surrounding which is both beautiful as well as special.
  • Monte Rei Golf and Country Club: This wonderful Golf Club is located in Portugal, though this course is very much expensive however the facilities that is provided here makes it a place worth investing. The course consists of a layout which is flawless and which also contains a lot of space.


  • Tirolia Golf Eichenheim:Located in Austria, The Golf course is famous for its facilities as well as the number of tournaments that have been hosted here. The Golf Course is worth visiting due to its sophisticated and diversified designing.
  • Garda Golf Country Club:Located in the culturally rich country of Europe known as Italy. This Golf Course is famous due to its hosting of the Italian Open. The Garda Golf Country Club has hosted Italian Open twice.

All of these mentioned Golf Courses are worth visiting and if you get a chance to visit any of these European countries then do take some time out for these courses as well. Visiting these courses will be a great experience for you.

There are some of us who have been encouraged to play golf since we were young children, playing with the tiniest and most adorable set of child’s golf clubs you’ve ever seen, so as you grow you end up knowing how to use them just as well as you do a fork and knife.
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