The Best Golf Clubs in Spain

Spain is among the most popular cities of the world due to its rich culture and history. The country is home to some of the most delightful tourist destinations. According to statistics more than 50 million people visit Spain annually. Another important fact about Spain is that the country is also one of the most preferred golfing destinations of the world.

At the moment there are above 300 different golf courses available in Spain and it is expected that the quantity of such golf courses will increase later on as a lot of Golf Courses are under the construction stage at places like Balearic Islands and Canary. All in all the operational golf clubs are catering around 300,000 registered members at the moment.

Popular Golf Clubs in Spain:

As stated above there are many golf clubs established all over Spain. However as is the case with every product not all of these Golf Clubs are the same. Rather they differ very much in their facilities and infrastructure. In the below mentioned paragraphs we have filtered out some of the best Golf Clubs currently existing in Spain.


  • The first Golf Club in our list is PGA Catalunya. It is actually a stadium course located in the PGA Catalunya resort. The course is designed and planned remarkably well by the European tour and it took them decades for this task. The amount of effort put in the construction of this Golf Course is a guarantee that the Golf Course is one of the best in Spain.
  • The second Golf Club in our listing is Real Sotogrande. This particular Golf Course was designed by the famous Robert Jones. It was the first European course designed by Robert. The Golf course is very much operational and facilities here are excellent.
  • The third Golf Club in our listing is that of Real Valderrama. The Golf Club is renowned all over the world and many prominent championships have been held here in the past. The main cause of fame for the Club is its hosting of the Ryder cup in the year 1997. The club was granted the Royal status in the year 2014.
  • Another wonderful Golf Club in Spain is that of Javier Arana. The Golf Club was opened in the year 1968 and was designed by El Saler. The main reason of the Club’ fame is its status of being the number 1 Golf Course in continental Europe.


  • The Real Las Brisas is among those Golf Courses who were the first to utilize bent grass. The Golf Club also had the privilege to host the 1973 Golf World cup.

These were some of the best Golf Clubs currently existing in Spain. If you ever get a chance to visit Spain then apart from visiting various tourist destinations, do visit these Golf Clubs as well, as they will provide you unique experience and enjoyment. Finding these Golf Clubs would not be difficult for you at all.

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