Take a Swing in Europe: Popular Countries for Golf

For those looking to take some swings in Europe, there is no shortage of world class golf courses providing scenery like none other. Golfers who visit Europe will get not only a memorable golf experience, but also the many cultural and historical experiences many of these countries have to offer. While there are golf courses throughout the continent, there are certainly a few countries that are better known for their golf. Of the many options, here are some of the most popular countries to visit for golf.

England: Known for its variety of historical sites and variety of types of courses, playing golf in England can be tailored to any level of skill or budget. With options of links, heartland, or parkland courses, and five star resorts or more quaint locales it is a great place to visit. The hospitality is hard to beat, and

Scotland: Known as the birthplace of golf, any trip to the European region of the world would be a missed shot without a stop in Scotland. Known most notably for their links, some of the oldest golf courses and clubs are located along the coast of this beautiful and historical country. People who play in Scotland will have a golf experienced that very few other places can match.


Wales: While many people don’t think of Wales when they are thinking of a golf trip, it is a hidden treasure with both mountain backdrops and ocean views. Many people find it pristine and remote, which can make for a one of a kind trip with courses as good as any for a fraction of the price. It’s worth visiting while it still maintains these incredible charms.

Ireland: Ireland is known for more than just Guinness, and its scenery, because golf is the pot of golf at the end of the rainbow for the country. Offering unmatched hospitality and Championship courses, there are both coastal and inland courses that will have both experienced golfers and those new to the sport wanted to spend just a few extra days playing.

Portugal: Good weather is part of the package when visiting Portugal, which means less rained out golf games and more fun for all. Not only will golfers visiting Portugal have year round sunshine, it will also provide some great hotels and other attractions for when players are all finished at the nineteenth hole. There are also plenty of courses within close proximity of each other, making it a great golf vacation destination.

Spain: When most people think of Spain, it’s not often for its golf which is a common misconception because it is one of the leading destinations for the sport. The climate makes for game after game in the sunshine, and after a long hot day on the course, cool down at one of the many famed beaches in this historical country with a fair share of Championship courses paired with magnificent accommodations.


France: Known for its meticulously maintained parkland courses, traveling to France is a great trip of golf, sightseeing, and gourmet cuisine. The Brittany region of the country is best known for its courses, but they are spread out throughout the beautiful and romantic country.

Of course, there are numerous other options, and many people have different favorite courses or places to play throughout Europe, but these are some of the most popular options. They many also be popular for different reasons, be it challenging holes, incredible scenery, or even the club after the game has ended. But deciding which one is best for you, well there’s really only one way to find out… and that’s trying them all out!

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