Swinging, Sunshine, and Sangria: Golfing in Spain

The thing that sets Spain apart from many other European vacation destinations is its versatility. The country offers beautiful beaches for the traveler whose idea of a holiday is relaxation in the sun, historical sites, art, and architecture unlike any other for the cultural traveler, and golf courses with little chance of rain for the sporty jetsetter. Especially for a group of people who have different definitions of vacation in mind, Spain should be at the top of the list. The country isn’t known for its golf, and only has 300 golf courses now, but it is a hidden gem for those who are fortunate enough to golf on one of these beautiful courses.

There are many different regions of the country, and there are golf courses to suit all of them, be it the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, or the mainland in the central, northern or southern regions of the country. Of the regions, here are the top courses for each of the five. Now pack your sun block, ship those clubs, and get ready for a tall glass of sangria at the 19th hole.


Balearic Islands: Golf Son Gual

Located on the largest of the Balearic Islands, Son Gual is a popular destination for travelers from all over Europe. It’s especially worth it for the hardcore golfers, as the course is a challenge and is exceptionally long at 7,250 yards. It is a newer course which is meticulously maintained, and has American influences but offers a location unparalleled by anything in the States. Players must thing about each shot they make or they’ll find the game to be not one of their best.

Canary Islands: Abama

Created in 2005, this new course is located at the site of the Ritz Carlton and its prestige matches the universally known prestige of the hotel. With glorious views of the shimmering blue Atlantic Ocean from the isaldn of La Gomera, Abama is amazingly a slice of Spain, complete with rocky terrain and palm trees that sway in the wind. Despite being exposed to many elements including the Mediterranean breezes, the course remains pristine.

Central Spain: Real Sociedad Hipa Espanola Club de Campo

With 36 holes spread between the two courses, this club just outside of Madrid is one that is not to be missed. North and South were both created in 1991, but the North Course was given a redesign just six years later. It now incorporates dog legs, water features, and rolling hills. It has a nice layout, is beautiful, and isn’t so challenging that it is frustrating to play. It’s a perfect leisure course for a lazy day of vacation.


Northern Spain: PGA Catalunya Resort

Like many Spanish courses, Catalunya was built in the last two decades, reaching completion in 1999.It’s located less than an hour from the beautiful and historic city of Barcelona in the foothills of the Pyrenees mountains. Those visiting this area find it to be different than the rest of Spain, its proximity to France gives it an influence from its northern neighbor. The course is beautiful and well manicured.

Southern Spain: Real Club de Golf Sotogrande

Not only is it the best club in Southern Spain, Sotogrande is the second best in the entire country, and seventh best in continental Europe. One of the older courses on this list, it was established in 1964 but still maintains its charm after half a century. The course has proximity to both the coast and the luscious countryside, making it a beautiful juxtaposition of some of the most beautiful landscapes that Spain has to offer.

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