Great Golf Courses In England

Golf is a game that has remained very popular in the world, especially in the European countries. The game is so old that it is almost impossible to go back to its roots and discover the time when it really started. However, according to some references the game was popular in the late 13th and early 14th century. England is one of the countries where the game found its origins, the country is home to some of the finest and greatest golf courses.

If you are a person who is into golf and want to find the best location for playing golf in England, then here you can find some of the best. England is home to hundreds of golf courses, but it will be difficult to mention all of them here, therefore only a few will be mentioned here.


Royal St. George’s

The Royal St. George’s is without any doubt one of the most beautiful golf courses that you will ever find. In 1885, Dr. William Laidlaw Purves who was a member of the Royal Wimbledon Golf Club saw a piece of land from a vantage point of St. Clement’s church. This is when Dr. William got the idea of building a golf course on the plot of land, the golf club was completed in 1887 and was named “St. George’s”. The course became so popular that it hosted the first of fourteen Open Championships just after 7 years after becoming operational.


Sunningdale (Old)

Sunningdale is home to one the best golf course in England, the old course is known as the most pleasing inland course and there are many reasons for that. The land on which the course is built is leased from the freeholder, St. John’s College. The course was opened for play in the year 1901, it was also known as the “old” after the opening of the “New Course” in 1923/

Royal Birkdale Golf Club

The Royal Birkdale Golf Club is now known as simply “The Birkdale”. It was originally a 9 hole golf course located at Shaw Hills and commenced operation in the year 1889. Later on the course was extended to 18 holes and moved to Birkdale Hills. This remodeling was completed in 1897, however the course was once again remodeled in the 1930’s to match championship standards.


Ganton Golf Club

Ganton Golf Club is undoubtedly one of the most famous and most beautiful golf courses in England. The course was originally known as the Scarborough Golf Club and was open for play in 1891. Many alterations have been made to the course since then so that it can meet championship standards.

These were few of the best and greatest golf courses that you can find in England. Playing golf on these courses will be an absolute delight because the courses are maintained in the best way possible. There are many more golf courses in England and almost all of them are as good as the above mentioned courses.

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