Europe’s Finest Golf Courses

Golf is a very popular Sport which is being played all over the world. The sport is an ideal exercise as far as decreasing your stress level is concerned. The overall nature of the game and the environment under which it is played has a very positive impact on the mind and body of the person. As already stated Golf is being played all over the world due to its various benefits and the region of Europe is no exception. There are various popular Golf Courses that have been established in different European countries and some of these courses have become so popular that people from all over the world visit them for tourism purpose as well.

European Golf Courses:

The main topic of our discussion in this article is Golf Courses from Europe. We will be listing here some of the best Golf Courses that are there in Europe and which are known for the fantastic facilities and playing surfaces. Some of these famous Golf Courses are as follows


  • Morfontaine
    The Golf Club is popular for its wonderful facilities and it was originally designed by Tom Simpson however recently another designer by the name of Kyle Philips has made some changes in the Club’s design. The Golf Club is located in France
  • PGA Catalunya:
    The Golf Club has been designed by the European Tour and is located at the famous Catalunya resort. The Club was developed by the European Tour after decades of planning. The Club is located in Spain.
  • KoninklijkeHaagsche:

    It is one of the most famous Golf Clubs currently existing in the world we live in. Located in Netherlands the Golf Course is a combination of wonderful pitches and soothing environment.

  • Fontainebleau:
    The Golf Club is located in France and that too in the region of lle de which is home to most of the Golf Courses in France. Fontainebleau is rich with fantastic facilities and is one of the most preferred locations for the Golfing professionals.
  • Les Bordes:
    This famous Golf Club designed in American style is one of the best in France. The designing and the conditioning of the Club is such that it makes you feel that you are in United States of America but in reality you are in France.


  • Monte Rei:
    The beautiful Golf Club is located in Portugal and is a perfect specimen of scenic beauty. The Golf Course is situated at the Eastern Algarve’s foothills. From the Golf Club one can view the beautiful Caldeirao Mountains at the north and the Atlantic Ocean at the south.

Listing all the Golf Clubs would not be possible for us in a single article and to make it easier for our readers and just to give them an idea we have just filtered out those Golf Clubs of Europe which we think are the best. However apart from these above mentioned Clubs there are many others as well which can be termed as the best however fearing the length of this article we have not listed them.

There are some of us who have been encouraged to play golf since we were young children, playing with the tiniest and most adorable set of child’s golf clubs you’ve ever seen, so as you grow you end up knowing how to use them just as well as you do a fork and knife.
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